Stuff Left Behind

A nylon backpack and headset from a company I no longer work for gifted to a friend in London.

Outlet adapters in Edinburgh gifted to another traveling American. Had two. Now I’ve got one.

A lowball gifted to me at a hostel in Edinburgh, then gifted to someone else. Knew the bumps on the road ahead would shatter it if it stayed with me.

A bulky blue jacket left in Heathrow because my bag was too heavy for even the cheapest flight.

A white sweater from Galway in a UPS office in Mannheim, sent back to Germany by USA customs.

A copy of Shantaram left on a book swap shelf in Germany.

An empty suitcase given away in Mannheim no longer needed after pairing down a few things.

Hush Puppy boots in Taghazout, likely walking onward on someone else’s feet.

Beaded bracelets from a felt bag left as a thank you for a kind host in Tangier.

A sweater on a farm in Spain, likely warming a new volunteer even now.

A waterproof notebook given to an Italian on the same farm. He wanted to write in that partially finished barn without WiFi where we stayed. Still have plenty of my own.

Paperback copies of my book sold in towns all over the world.

Traveling lighter, the warmer the months get – the longer the journey lasts.

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