My Book is Available Now | Odd Jobs & After Hours

My book Odd Jobs & After Hours is available now.

What’s it about?

Take the time of life in between leaving home and finding a track that works.

Capture the all-night shifts, seasonal work, scary rooms you rented, criminal colleagues, moments of your own questionable judgement, and get them down as stories before the river of memory washes them away.

That what Odd Jobs & After Hours is.

It’s a story collection I hope you find humorous, relatable, and cathartic.

Filled with the types of places that (I hope) make you say, “I’m glad I got chance to be there.”

Filled with characters I hope make you think, “I’m glad I got to meet those people.”

I leave you with the intro page of the book itself:

“Feel the heat of molten metal.

Hear the clang of hammer and anvil. Be bowled over and skid across a muddy rugby pitch.

Taste the kiss of the sea.

Work odd jobs & after hours in the big city.

Get thrown out the window. Join the all-night, coked-up film crew. Meet the vegan poacher woman, the psycho roommate with a hatchet, and the world’s greatest salesman before he explodes.

Bloody your hands with the worst of it.

These stories are a tin mug dipped into the river of life to draw up one cupful you can’t catch again.

It’s like every portion and none other at the same time. It’s a hot day, and I pass the mug to you.”

Grab yourself a copy. Let me know what you think.

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