Odd Jobs & After Hours | What’s Your Book About?

I’m publishing a book titled Odd Jobs & After Hours soon. It should be available in paperback by March 1. The e-book edition will follow that shortly. Still figuring out if it should become an audio book.

The title is exactly what the book is about.

It’s a collection of the type of stories you run into in between leaving home and getting your feet under you. Scary rented rooms, evil bosses, psycho roommates, after-midnight shifts, rugby games, squatters, poachers, and more.

It’s written. I’m dealing with all of the final details. After that, it will be very easy to grab a copy on Amazon.

For now, here is the intro page of Odd Jobs & After Hours.

“Feel the heat of molten metal.

Hear the clang of hammer and anvil.

Be bowled over and skid across a muddy rugby pitch.

Taste the kiss of the sea.

Work odd jobs & after hours in the big city.

Get thrown out the apartment window.

Join the all-night, coked-up film crew.

Meet the vegan poacher woman, the psycho roommate with a hatchet, and the world’s greatest salesman before he explodes. Bloody your hands with the worst of it.

These stories are a tin mug dipped into the river of life to draw up one cupful you can’t catch again. It’s like every portion and none other at the same time.

It’s a hot day, and I pass the mug to you.”

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